Things to do in Halifax

Halifax is another historic market town within easy reach of Bottoms Farm holiday cottages and offers you a great and interesting day out with the family.

Halifax is the home of Shibden Hall, a 600 year old Medieval manor house, that is jam-packed full of history.

Also in the large grounds is a restaurant, although it is the perfect place to enjoy a lazy and relaxing picnic on a warm day, a miniature steam railway that you can take an enjoyable ride on, and a boating lake where you can hire a boat.

Shibden Hall really is a fantastic place where you could easily spend an enjoyable day.

Also in Halifax is the Piece Hall, a 230 year old Georgian building that was originally the  marketplace for the sale of cloth in the region.

Today it hosts a broad selection of shops, cafes and even an art gallery.

Halifax also has “The Jungle Experience” at Manor Heath Park, a delightful park full of exotic and tropical plants, flowers, and creatures!

Bottoms Farm Holiday Cottages
Bottoms Farm Holiday Cottages

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